How we grow Kitchen Pick Living Herbs
We start with the best seeds from around the world and give them tender loving care through out their growing cycle. Our process is automated so that the only time we touch the plants is at the time of shipping. 
The machine on the right of the photo fills the pots with growing media and then drops the set amount of seed in each pot. The pots then past to the blue machine on photo left that places the pots in the tables automatically.
The basis of our production are aluminum movable tables from Hawe Holland. They facilitate the automation and are also our irrigation system. They can be moved throughout the greenhouse easily.
Our seeding line
After around 10 days the seeds are germinated and the plants starting to grow.
After 4 weeks the plants have grown enough they are beginning to crowd. At this stage they need to be spaced.

The tables are returned to the production area and the machine that put the pots in the tables then picks them up and passes the pots to another machine which then puts them down at a new spacing.
The unspaced tables are visible on the right of the photo and the tables containing spaced pots are leaving on the left of the photo.
Machine picking up pots for spacing
Pots spaced by machine
Day 48 - plants bulking up
Day 60 - plants ready to ship
During their stay in the greenhouse the herbs are cared for by a computer which adjusts the heating and ventilation to keep temperatures in the optimum range for growth. All watering takes place from beneath. Each table is perfectly level and water flows in gently flooding the table. The growing media contains a nutrient charge and supplemental nutrition is provided in the water. All water is collected and reused. This is the most efficient growing system - much more so than soil based culture. In addition, no water ever touches the leaves so they stay clean and fresh.
Insects are controlled with beneficial insects in a program called Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  In addition to our own daily patrols, the nursery is inspected weekly by a third party biological control expert who makes recommendations for our IPM program.

We get up early in the morning and start packing when the air is cool and fresh. The plants are each inspected for quality and then sleeved and boxed at 15 per carton. We ship daily in temperature controlled trucks to ensure you receive the freshest herbs possible.