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Can I repot my Living Herbs?
Absolutely! Especially in spring and summer it is easy  (after using some for delicious meals) to move me in to a larger container. I like a 6 inch or 8 inch pot and place me in a warm bright location. You will be able to enjoy many more harvests from me! Fertilize me with a balanced fertilizer such as 20-20-20 every second watering and I will grow and give you many more kitchen harvests. 
Frequently Asked Questions - Need Help - Here's your answers!
Where should I store my Kitchen Pick Living Herbs?
Please keep me away from drafts and cold. I will not survive below 12C so do not put me the fridge! I also don't like window sills during the winter - I prefer to be on the counter about 18 inches from a window where it is BRIGHT AND WARM.
My friends, Parsley, Cilantro, Mint, Rosemary, Sage, Oregano and Thyme are all hardy herbs. They can withstand cool temperatures with out issue. You can place them outside if there is no danger of frost.
How should I water my herbs?
The easiest and best way to water me is to place me in a small saucer and add about 4mm (1/8") of water in the saucer and allow me to draw it up. You can also water me from over head (gently!) until the media is moist. Do not over water me!. I like water but I do not like being saturated. I will drown - especially if my name is Basil. I am very sensitive to 'wet feet'. Allow my foliage to wilt slightly before giving me my next watering. In the summer I may need water every day. In the winter about every 3 - 4 days.
My Basil wilted and then quickly died. What happened?
I am very sensitive to 'wet feet' and if over watered my leaves will go soft and look a bit greyish. If I collapse soon thereafter, this is a sure sign of over watering. Once this happens there is no reviving me - so please don't over water me!

Another possibility is that I was exposed to cold temperatures. I really can't take temperatures below 12C, so please don't even think of putting me any where near that temperature. Just taking me from the grocery store to the car in freezing temperatures is enough to severely damage my foliage. If this happens my leaves will turn grey, then quickly turn black. I'm sorry I can't do anything about it -  I need you to protect me!
How do I harvest my Kitchen Pick Living Herb?
Simply cut me at my base and enjoy me whole (stems and all) or alternatively you can snap or tear small pieces of me off with your fingers. Either way you will enjoy my full flavor. 
How much do I take off the plant?  I don't want to kill it!
How much of me you use in your preparations is totally up to you. Some chefs like to use me in one recipe. Others like to add only a little of me to spice up their dishes keeping me alive for many more delicious meals. Add enough until you are satisfied with the taste. Remember to add me at the end of your preparation to maximize flavor. If you add me too early you are cooking away my magic. I am a living plant so if you remove my upper leaves and leave a few lower leaves intact I have a much better chance of recovering than if you take away most of my shoots.
Us herbs do not like cold temperatures! Please do not put me in your fridge or in any area where I will encounter temperatures below 54F (12C). The ideal location for me is, as the name suggests, in your kitchen. You can place me in a bright windowsill in a small dish or on a small plate so you can water me as I grow. Remember, I am a living plant that will continue to grow and provide quality flavour as you use portions of me in your food preparation. Do not allow me to dry out to the point of wilting as this will causes me leaf tip burn and shortens my life-span. I like a light soluble fertilizer from time to time to keep me growing and providing you with the freshest herbs available.
General Care and Harvesting Instructions for your Kitchen Pick Living Herbs